The game

Synergy Land is a blockchain multiplayer ARPG game currently in development by Synergy Games, set in fantasy world divided into four ecosystems, each based on the following elements: earth, water, fire and ice.

The player will take on the role of different types of heroes, exploring dungeons ofup to four players who will undertake a great adventure against very powerful creatures, using a fully dynamic and innovative spell system that will allow players to combine elements to cast spells creating new beneficial or harmful synergies between them.

Inspired by popular games, such as Diablo and Path Of Exile, the game aims to combine the best of these worlds where regular and hardcore players will enjoy the gameplay experience as well as an ecosystem for players who want to collect and trade NFTs, giving the community true ownership of digital assets.

We seriously believe that the time has come for blockchain games. For this reason, we are working hard building a strong community to be able to develop a game by listening to our users.

Player experience

- Create and customize your character with over a hundred spells, feats, and abilities to suit your personal play style.

- Own a private island where you can chill in your house, craft the best armors and weapons and if you like to, you can even grow your crops and raise your animals for cooking materials.

- Explore four beautiful biomes, each with different enemies that will require unique strategies to defeat them.

- Dungeon randomization will ensure new layouts, paths, and loot every time you.

- Fight your way though all kinds of enemies and challenging bosses and collect the loot they are guarding.

- Breed & Raise hundred of pets who will follow and fight for you.

- If any of the team dies during the dungeon, they will not be able to return to the battlefield leaving the team with one less member.

- The character dies in the current dungeon, not in the game.

Properties of NFTs

We will have different NFTs such as Characters, Bosses, Pets, Equipment, Crafting Blueprints, Station Blueprints and Furnitures.

Characters, Bosses, Pets and Station Blueprints are exclusive and limited seriesof NFTs that will be injected into the game through pre-sales.

Pets and Station Blueprints will also be obtained through dungeon loot with a very low drop rate.

Equipment and Crafting Blueprints will only be obtainedthrough dungeon loot or can be crafted in stations and also merged to increase their rarity.