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Happy New Year! Land Sale is here!

Hello, Synergians!

A new year has arrived, and so much has already happened. Let’s try to cover everything.

Land Sale & Mainnet Launch Date Revealed

We've finally revealed when our land sale will take place. And that's not all! On the same day, we will also launch the Mainnet version of Synergy Land, so you can start using your recently minted island NFTs.

Mark your calendars for 22 February 2024. We'll be releasing more information about this in the upcoming weeks.

The announcement was made during an AMA with Good Game Hunters and Neo Tokyo. Our founders were there to spill some alpha! You can listen to the entire show here.

Synergians everywhere! - The First Ever Synergian Lottery

During a very special edition of our weekly Space, 'The Tavern,' we hosted the first ever Synergian Lottery. The first half featured an insightful and interesting conversation with our guests, Goatfather and ggQuest. The second half was the lottery itself. Oh boy, it was fun!

The winners list can be found in the announcements channel on our Discord server, which you should probably join. 😎 If you're one of the lucky winners, please open a ticket in our Discord to claim your prize. You have to claim your prize before the next Synergian Lottery, taking place next month, February 2024. If you didn’t win, fear not! You'll have another chance next month. Remember to keep those Synergians unlisted from any marketplace. Hold!

Synergy Land and MixMob are partnering to give community goods

We have partnered with MixMob, and there are some goodies coming your way. MixMob were guests in episode 6 of The Tavern, which you can listen to here, along with Patchara. We raffled WLs for their $MXM Packages mint that took place yesterday, and it sold out! Congrats to the MixMob fam! We also joined their Discord for a fun game night with prizes up for grabs. Expect more events and giveaways coming from this partnership. 🤝

Synergy Land Spotlight

We were guet speakers at a couple of Spaces. Here they are if you'd like to listen:

That’s it… For now!

We have many things in the works and a ton of announcements to make in the coming weeks. The 2nd Phase Migration to Polygon and the launch of our very own Marketplace are on the horizon, so stay tuned. Join our Discord to be on top of all the latest updates.

Dream Team ❤️

The Synergy Games Team wishes you all a Happy 2024!

And remember, your support fuels our journey. ✊

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