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⚔️ Synergian Lottery #4 is Here! ⚔️

We are happy to announce the upcoming 4th Edition of the Synergian Lottery happening next week!

When: 11 April at 7PM UTC, during The Tavern Show on X.

About The Synergian Lottery: This is an exclusive opportunity for Synergian NFT holders to win big! Just by owning a Synergian NFT, you're automatically entered into the lottery, with a chance to win SNG Tokens and NFT Pets. The more Synergians you possess, the higher your chances of winning. Hold!

More information about the Lottery:

  • You must have the Synergians in your wallet until 11 April at 6:59 PM UTC. If a drawn Synergian is listed, it won't count.

  • The value of SNG considered for the prizes is the one at 11 April at 7PM UTC.

Where to Acquire Synergians:

What are the prizes?

1st prize = $350 (worth in SNG Tokens) + Rancher Land NFT

2nd prize = $250 (worth in SNG Tokens) + Settler Land NFT

3rd prize = $200 (worth in SNG Tokens) + Legendary Galebeak Pet NFT

4th prize = $100 (worth in SNG Tokens) + Epic Vulrum Pet NFT

5th prize = $75 (worth in SNG Tokens) + Rare Vulrum Pet NFT

6th prize = $50 (worth in SNG Tokens) + Uncommon Vixie Pet NFT

7th prize = $50 (worth in SNG Tokens) + Common Vulrum Pet NFT

8th prize = $50 (worth in SNG Tokens) + Common Vixie Pet NFT

9th prize = $50 (worth in SNG Tokens) + Common Vulrum Pet NFT

10th prize = $50 (worth in SNG Tokens) + Common Vixie Pet NFT

Prizes from 11 to 25 = $25 (worth in SNG Tokens)

Prizes from 26 to 30 = $20 (worth in SNG Tokens)

Winning Confirmation: Ensure you tune into "The Tavern" to see if your Synergian's unique number is drawn.

For additional details about the Synergian NFT Collection, visit:

For all updates join our Discord:

Good luck, holders!

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