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🎄 Synergy Christmas - A Festive Adventure Awaits in Synergy Land! 🌟

Season's Greetings, Synergians! ✊

As the air fills with the spirit of the holidays, we're beyond excited to unveil our Spectacular Christmas In-Game Event, set to brighten your world from the 15th to the 19th of December. Brace yourselves for a festive journey packed with new quests and surprises!

🎮 Six Christmas Quests

Our dev team has been working to craft six unique Christmas-themed quests, each designed to bring more fun, challenges, and joy to your gaming experience.

🏆 Quest Completion Raffle: Your Ticket to the Rewards

Complete all six quests, and you're in for a treat! Successful conquerors of these festive challenges will automatically secure a spot in our exclusive raffle. It's not just a competition; it's a celebration of skill, perseverance, and festive spirit!

📆 Mark Your Calendars: Marketing AMA and Raffle

Get ready for a special date with us on December 20th at 4 PM GMT. We're hosting a Marketing Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session, where we'll dive into the exciting world of Synergy Land, answering your questions and sharing some behind-the-scenes secrets.

And that's not all – we'll also reveal the winners of our Christmas Raffle during the live session!

🎁 Raffle Rewards!

What's at stake? Precious $SNG token airdrops, exclusive Starter Packs, and coveted Zealy points. These rewards aren't just prizes; they're keys to unlocking new levels of enjoyment in your Synergy Land adventure.

🌟 Event Details: It's All About Participation and Prizes

Event Start Date: 15 December 2023, 11:00 am GMT

Event End Date: 19 December 2023, 12:00 am GMT

Qualification Criteria: Complete all six in-game quests to enter the raffle.

Raffle Prizes: $SNG token airdrop, exclusive starter packs, and Zealy points.

Raffle Date and Time: December 20th, 4 pm GMT, during our Marketing AMA.

⚡ Using Zealy: Rewarding Loyalty

We're using Zealy and a Discord bot to track and reward our most loyal members. It's one of our ways of saying thank you to those who continually engage and contribute to the Synergy Land community.

Key Points About the Zealy Leaderboard:

  • Bi-Monthly Resets: The leaderboard resets every two months, allowing new users to compete and shine.

  • Expanding Rewards: Initially, we rewarded the top 10 users, and we plan to increase the number of winners as participation grows.

  • Exciting Prizes: Future rewards for leaderboard achievers may include token airdrops and exclusive NFTs.

Recent and Upcoming Leaderboard Winners:

  • 1st Round: December 2023 (completed)

  • 2nd Round: February 2024

  • 3rd Round: April 2024

We're committed to making Synergy Land not just fun but also rewarding for our active community members. Keep engaging, and you might be next on our list of rewarded players!

💫 Synergy Spotlight

Catch CryptoHado and MuadDib streaming Synergy Land at the kick-off of Synergy Christmas.

Also, we were guest speakers on this week's CryptoFights Twitter/X Space about The evolution of game development in Web3.

Listen to the latest episode of our Space, "The Tavern". This week's guests were TheRoundTableGG and FlyeKitesJay and the discussion revolved around game testing, over-allocating whitelist spots, and what we learned from Big Time's success at raising money via loot boxes.

Exciting Developments for Synergians: Upcoming

We're brewing an exciting new event and announcement focused on our treasured NFT collection, the Synergians, our genesis NFT. They are not just digital assets; they're a key part of the Synergy Land experience.

Varied Perks: Owning a Synergian unlocks several benefits, including:

  • NFT Airdrops: Receive various NFTs like Lands, Characters, Pets, and Mint Passes.

  • Exclusive Artwork: Access unique game NFT artwork, both in 2D and 3D formats.

  • In-Game Skins: Flaunt your Synergian with special in-game character skins.

  • Future Prospects: We have more exciting features and perks lined up for Synergian holders.

For a deeper dive into what makes Synergians a must-have in your NFT collection, check out our Whitepaper.

Synergian NFT Collection on Secundary Markets:

🎉 Team Gathering: Busted!

Members of our team reunited in the Canary Islands, further solidifying our bond and commitment to making Synergy Land an extraordinary experience.

Stay Tuned!

For the latest updates on Synergy Land and Synergy Games, make sure to join our Discord. And, ho ho ho (in the spirit of Santa Claus), don't forget to dive into our In-Game Christmas Quests.

Merry Christmas, Fam! ❤️

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