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Synergy Land Founders Update - May 2024


"Well, this is a Founders' update, so please, Founders, take the stage. A little bit of an update on what's been going on. We've been working obviously all this time. That's why Carlos and I were not as present on the Discord as our beloved marketing team pointed out. We should be more present on the Discord. It's true that it's very easy, you know, when you are deep down in the trenches, to forget a little bit. There is so much to do every day in development. Everyone works hard; it's very demanding. But we've been really busy. From now on, let's try to be a little bit more present and speak to you guys more on the Discord.

Other than that, a few things are coming. We've been busy with dungeons, obviously. I'm going to show a little bit of them, just a little bit. We are bringing back all the old systems. That's why you don't see heavy leaks lately, mostly 3D models and so on, because most of what we did back in the demo, you remember that demo two years ago, that demo was actually single-player. Back then, it was single-player, and even all the assets, all the environments, all the stuff, we've been porting everything so it works on multiplayer. Our game is multiplayer. We've been working on new features for the island that you already saw, like the Trade packs. We've also been really busy with the housing system, which we are not sure yet if it's going to make it to the next release. We've already been testing it internally, but maybe we want to wait a little bit to have more features to it and not release it as naked as we have it right now. You can build houses, get in, have a fireplace; there are small houses, bigger houses with different styles. But we don't have the furniture system yet. We have Taidan's room right now, you know, just floor and walls and a dude inside. Pretty much our house system right now, we don't even have chairs yet, so he's ahead of us. But the way it's going to work is you get in the house, and if you are familiar with the taverns in World of Warcraft, you get in, you gain more experience. In our case, it's going to be more energy per minute. If you have a really cozy house, very well decorated, you will gain more energy, both dungeon and island energy, faster.

We've been doing a lot of enemies for the dungeons. We have over 100 concept arts already for the enemies, 20+ 3D models and animations for the enemies. You will not see them all in the next release; we will be releasing them slowly with new dungeons. But boy, we have a lot already. New skills, new types of enemies. I'm going to say new dungeons, but obviously, because there were none. The dungeon in the demo was something weird. So yeah, that's all, and I'm going to leak some of it today.

In terms of Web3, this is more for Carlos, but we are doing a lot of stuff as well. We don't know how much is going to be released in the next update, if it's going to be a lot or a little, but we have so many things in motion that I don't even remember everything. So maybe Carlos can expand a little bit on the Web3 side. Yeah, well, I agree with you that we don't have a clear update yet on what we'll have in this dungeons version regarding Web3. There will be, of course, things related to Web3, but it will depend on how the testing goes. The Web3 side is the most complicated one because you are dealing with real economy, so that's why we are cautious adding these Web3 features. But starting, of course, there will be features that include the token and the NFTs. We will disclose more information regarding Web3 during June. Yeah, it's not June already. It's still May. Oh boy.

Alright. "We need free stuff, please," they say. Of course, of course. June. June. June. This is not because we don't want to integrate Web3. If you are used to being in the Web3 space, you know that many games died because of this, because they didn't integrate properly. We don't want to be one of them. That's why we are doing the right thing. So yeah, that's why some things have been delayed, and others will replace some that we mentioned in the past. But yeah, I think you guys will like the integration that will be in the dungeon release.

Alrighty, so I guess we can also ask people to gather some questions as well. This is not going to be an AMA, but maybe we can answer some at the end of the stream. Yeah, if people want to put questions in the chat, I will gather as many as I can, and then we can go through as many as you guys have time for.

Alright, great. It's not like we have to do a game, right? We have all the time in the world. Okay, so without further ado, I'm going to share my screen and go through some of the new features you'll find in the next update. A reminder, same as always, this is zero filters. We show it as we have it. We don't prepare special builds for you to see fake stuff. I'm just going to show you what I work with every day. Some things may be broken because they are in development. Some things may not be finished. Some things may not be as they are right now in the update. But as a token of being 100% honest and clear with you guys, I'm just going to show you how we have the game as of today. The nature of game development is that some things may not work on the first implementation. Some things are half-implemented. So bear with me. You're going to see why I say this. For example, I have the amazing sheep skill on my skill bar. This is obviously not intended; the icon is still being done and is not ready. My new skill, which was implemented today, just launches nothing. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Just bear with me; sometimes I will have to reset the game and so on.

The first thing I'm going to show is the engine itself, for those who have never seen it. This is how we make games. This is where you play. This is the island, and if I want to hide the chest from you, I can just move it around, and you will never find it again. This is actually how games are done. All the entities are here; I can move whatever I want. We place every plant, every rock, every small detail by hand. Some artist is doing it and so on. This is how we build the game.

Here you can see, for those who played the game, a new area you may have seen in some leaks already. This is what we call the training area on the island. This is new. You will access it through the first blockage of the island, which is here. If you join new on the island, there will be a blockage here, and when you unlock it, you will find this new area that you don't have right now in the game, but you will have it as soon as we update. In here, as soon as you enter, you get into combat. You can hit the dummy, you can try skills, and so on. For example, when we have many weapons, and you find a new weapon but don't want to go into the dungeons to try it, you can come here, equip it, and see what skills it has.

We have new skills from the demo. The first one is what we call the Berserker, which currently has the sheep icon. It's a skill where you activate the skill, and you become tougher, hit harder, and during the duration of this skill, you will not die. Right now, it sounds like a chicken for no particular reason, but you know, some VFX are temporary. You get bigger, turn red, hit stronger, and you cannot die for 5 seconds. So if you're about to die from a boss, you can equip this and last five more seconds while your healer heals you or you use a potion.

We implemented a new system for the potions, different from the demo. Now, you can click on the potion, choose whichever potion you want to drink, and it will find the potions you have in your inventory and filter them for you, so you can drink them easily without having to open the backpack.

Somebody said, "Oh my God, equipment!" Yes, as well. I'm not going to equip all of them; I'm just going to equip some. This is the equipment you will be able to craft in the first dungeons release. You have three different kinds of equipment: light, medium, and heavy. Inside medium, light, and heavy, you have three branches: one will be more tanky, the other is balanced, and the third is a glass cannon, full DPS. For example, I'm going to equip this leather armor so you can see how it looks. We have the cloth armor, which is the light armor. You can combine them however you want. If you don't want the cloth armor on the head, you can put on the hoodie. You can mix and match because maybe you want to be closer to a tank but not 100% a tank, or you want to be DPS but have heavy boots. This allows for different builds. This is the tier three heavy armor. We have many weapons as well. For now, in the inventory, we have the double swords you experienced in the demo. And, of course, we have cloaks. Yay! In preparation for guilds, you will either have custom-designed cloaks or your own guild sigil on your cloak, so everyone knows what guild you are part of just by looking.

I'm not going to show any more armor; you will have to play the game for that. I'll equip the leather one again. I could speak more about weapons, but I'll leave it for the next update so I have something to talk about. If I leak everything today, I won't have anything next time. I'm not going to show you the trade pack. I'm going to cheat because I can.

By the way, we also implemented quality-of-life things. For example, we now have the quest tracker. You don't have to go to the merchant to read about it. You can track it on the right side of the screen or ignore it. If you have more than one quest and forget what you need to do, especially with the dungeons release, you can go to your quest log and see all your current quests. We added more stats for PvE and a new profession, which is what I was going to show you: the trade pack.

We are changing the way you make money in the game. The main source of income in preparation for the flea market, where you'll trade with other players, is the trade pack. It works similarly to the stations where you have many recipes to choose from. Also, a big quality-of-life improvement: we will implement favorites on the crafting stations, so you can put your most-used recipes at the top. We saw some streamers struggling to find recipes, so we added this to make it easier. We will also add a search feature to the crafting stations.

How it works: you will make bundles of resources and send them to different places in Furya. For example, I'll make a couple of glass packs. They give me experience towards my trade pack profession. I'll make the lucky pack too. These go into storage and can't be carried. But if I go to my little friend the birdie, I can find them here. Depending on which island you own, you will have 1 to 5 unlocked birds. Let's say you have Settler Rancher with three birds available. You can send three birds to different parts of the world at the same time. I'll select the blue one and send this trade pack to Cursed Village. Depending on where I send it, I get a certain amount of silver and experience. If they like the pack, I get more; if they don't need it, I get less. I'll send it to the worst city for it right now, just for the laughs.

The bird will fly away and take 5 hours and 17 minutes to get back. Because I'm in the editor, I can advance the time. I'll simulate 5 hours, 17 minutes, and 10 seconds. In 11 seconds, the bird will come back, and you'll see what happens. Hopefully, it works. Hey, it's back! When it arrives, I get a small chest with the payment of the trip. I'll collect it, and boom, you get the money. Your bird gets experience every trip, leveling up and carrying more packs.

We have events on the map that will be randomized throughout the week. For example, Cursed Village needs eggs for a festival. These quests will be higher priced for a limited time, so you have time to prepare. This is all adaptable as we go.

That's it for the island. I hope you like it. Now let's answer some questions. By the way, people asking about the green bar on the top left, that's the dungeon energy. Every time you go to a dungeon, you use energy. You can replenish it in certain ways we will not disclose yet. Like the island, you have a certain amount of actions per day. This balances players who can play 24 hours a day and those who can only play for an hour or two.


A lot of the questions I collected are more aimed at the dungeons. Mr. Ops just asked a good question about the island: will you also get other rewards like armor and stuff, or is it solely coins you can earn from the trade packs? For now, it's only coins and experience. But the map is huge, and as we expand, we want to add more into the system. For example, a city might be blocked by bandits, and you have to fight them. Difficult or distant cities will give you money and resources. We are also working on pet expeditions, which will be similar but in combat mode. You send your pet to fight and gather resources, leveling up as they do.

Short answer: maybe.

Will the first dungeon release be single-player or multiplayer? The game is multiplayer even on the island, but the first implementation of the dungeon will be you alone.

Will the current island resources be used for crafting armor, weapons, and tools used in dungeons? Yes, the small resources on the island are gone. You will have to go to the dungeons to find those resources. For new players, they won't have stones and trees scattered on the island. They will have to go to the dungeons, level one, and find those resources there. It's more difficult because you have to kill enemies, but you will find them there. Contrary to the island, if you leave and re-enter, the resources respawn, so you can farm them.

Will there be more than one dungeon released? If not, how will the one dungeon that is released work in terms of levels? Even though it's one dungeon, you will find multiple dungeons inside. We want to try a system where you go deeper into the dungeon, encountering different levels. For this release, you will go through the whole dungeon in one go. Later, we will separate them. For now, it's one seamless dungeon, so you don't need matchmaking. You decide how deep you want to go.

When can the ancient coin be used in the game? Soon, probably once we release this dungeon update.

Will there be more than one class option at the dungeon launch? There will be more than one build, but only one class to balance. Different builds, but just one class for now.

Are you planning a character mint, or will we all use the default level 69 Antonio in the first dungeon? Level 69 Antonio is cool. We'll see for this release; no clear answer yet.

Will there be both NFT and non-NFT equipment in the dungeons? Yes. The six slots on the right of my skill bar are for NFT artifacts, similar to MOBAs. You equip NFTs here, like a blink dagger for teleporting or a cloak of invisibility. We did it this way to avoid the best sword scenario where there's nothing else to do. This system allows for varied builds and strategies.

Will our equipment have durability? Yes, and you can repair them. Durability won't be in this release, but eventually, yes.

A question about the key for accepting things by pressing a key instead of clicking. When everything is dead, you can press F to collect items faster. You asked for it, I did it.

Will there be new workstations to craft dungeon equipment, or will we use existing ones? For now, the same. We have other stations in the works, like for hunters to get rare resources. For example, deep-sea fishing stations will be added.

Will our three bugged achievements be fixed in the next update? We will fix for everyone, but not for the person who asked this. (lol)

Will there be a leaderboard for dungeons? Not for now, to avoid manipulating the experience. We want to balance first. Later, we may add it, as we track things internally.

Are you planning any marketing strategy to bring new players to the next update? Yes, of course. We are activating our community and other communities we work with to showcase the game. Once we release the dungeons and other features, we will have a marketing budget for a strategy to onboard more players.

Will loot boxes be openable in dungeons on the first day? And a reminder about starter packs? The starter packs may need updating. The loot boxes can be opened in the dungeons. Starter packs might be delayed to improve their content.

How many hours of new content will be added with the dungeons? Hundreds. Hundreds of hours.

That's all the questions I have. I'll now show you the mines dungeon, the first level. The entrance is blocked on the island now, but it will open with the update. Inside, you find the souls of the miners, now zombies, bandits, and goblins. This is just a taste of the atmosphere. There are resources and chests to find, with valuable items inside.

That's it, no more leaks. Carlos is nervous. He's sweating. I'm done leaking. The game is on track for June release, but game development is volatile. We are currently a week ahead, but that could change. The plan holds as of now.

Thank you for your time, everyone. We love being here, and we will try to be more active in the community. Development takes a lot of time, but we are dedicated. We have so much new stuff and great content coming. We are a small team, but we are doing our best.

Thank you all, see you soon. Bye!"

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