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Synergy Land v0.1.15 Patch Notes

Updated: Mar 1

  • Fixed bug that prevented to install the game from the launcher.

  • Increased farmer outfit stats for all rarities.

    • Epic:

      • Farming labor reduction from 10% to 15%

      • Sales price boost from 10% to 15%

      • Harvest speed boost from 10% to 15%

    • Legendary:

      • Farming labor reduction from 20% to 25%

      • Sales price boost from 20% to 25%

    • Unique:

      • Farming labor reduction from 30% to 35%

      • Sales price boost from 30% to 35%

  • Fixed bug with the restocking of out of stock items in the merchant.

  • Fixed bug on wrong labor points consumption on farming actions when a reduction was being applied.

  • Added confirmation message for in-game external web links.

  • Added F key to rotten or dead elements.

  • Added marketplace button to the main menu screen.

  • Improved detection of connection errors.

  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect items to be dropped on mailbox under specific circumstances.

  • Items from mail will now come in a bundle instead of individual items for easier inventory management.

  • Fixed a bug where Seed of Evolution was permanently being blocked and unable to be withdrawn.

  • Increased labor points and labor regeneration per hour

    • Labor regeneration per hour: From 500 to 675

    • Labor points: From 4000 to 5400

  • Fixed game crash with mine expedition station.

  • Increased labor regenation of potions:

    • Small labor potion: From 50 to 100

    • Medium labor potion: From 100 to 225

    • Large labor potion: From 200 to 350

  • Moved small labor potion from level 2 alchemist to level 1 alchemist.

  • Fixed bug in interact quests (mushrooms and Boxes) that allowed items to be collected after the quest was completed.

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