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The much-anticipated Synergian Land Airdrop is on the horizon!

What’s Happening? 

The team is finalizing preparations for the exclusive Synergian Airdrop, featuring a total of 125 islands for our dear Synergian Holders!

  • 75 Settler

  • 44 Rancher

  • 6 Landlord

Total Airdrop Supply currently valued at around $38,000.  

Snapshot & Airdrop Details:

If you have any questions please feel free to ask the team on our Discord.

Stay Tuned for the Date: 

We're on the edge of setting a firm date for the Airdrop. Rest assured, we'll promptly inform you of the schedule. Your anticipation and patience are greatly appreciated!  

What to Do Now? 

HODL onto your Synergians!

Stay tuned to the announcements channel on our Discord.

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