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Uniting Our Community: Synergy ShareFest and “The Tavern” Take Center Stage

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Welcome back to our blog! This week at Synergy Land has been bustling with the launch of Synergy ShareFest, engaging Twitter insights into $SNG, and exciting progress in game development. Let’s dive into these highlights and more from our action-packed week.

Launching Synergy ShareFest: A Celebration of Community

Synergy ShareFest is heating up and will be going strong until December 5th. It's not just an event – it's a hub of excitement for our community. Everyone's actively participating and making their mark on the Zealy leaderboard, all while eyeing the prizes. This blend of friendly competition and community spirit truly makes ShareFest a standout experience.

Want to get in on the action and have a shot at the leaderboard? Click here to join the fun. Don't miss your chance to connect with the community and create some unforgettable moments during ShareFest!

Team Synergy: Reuniting in Madrid

This week, some of our Synergy Games team members enjoyed a special girls' night out in Madrid. As a remote company, such in-person gatherings are invaluable. They provide an opportunity to move beyond the digital workspace and truly connect.

Gathered in Madrid's lively atmosphere, we exchanged stories and shared laughter, reinforcing our bond. These real-world interactions are key to building a stronger, more unified team.

Decoding $SNG

Recently on Twitter, we highlighted the multifunctional role of our $SNG token in the Synergy Land ecosystem. Launched on May 23rd, $SNG is vital for crafting, marketplace transactions, NFT presales, and more. It's key to our game's economy, powering everything from breeding activities to PVP rewards.

Our commitment to $SNG's value includes deflationary strategies and reinvestment into the ecosystem. As of November 23rd, 2023, 31.4 million tokens (15.69% of the total supply) are in circulation.

For the full details on $SNG's role and our strategic approach, check out our Twitter post.

From Concept to Life: Creating Characters

Our dev team has been busy this week, evolving new characters for Synergy Land from initial concepts to animated figures with unique sound effects. It’s a process that breathes life into each character, adding depth to the gaming experience.

Stay tuned for next week’s update, where we’ll tease more of our festive-themed works in progress, just in time for Christmas!

The Tavern: Launching Our First Twitter Space

This week we launched "The Tavern," our first Twitter Space, a weekly event every Thursday at 9 PM UTC. It's a platform where video game representatives and content creators in the web3 space come together to inform, entertain, and collaborate on building the web3 community.

Our inaugural episode featured guests Attis and Uldor, offering insightful discussions and shared experiences. It's a great opportunity for our audience to gain unique perspectives and engage with the minds shaping the web3 space.

Missed the first episode? Catch up here and join us next Thursday on our Twitter profile for more engaging discussions at "The Tavern."

Synergy Land was also guest-speaking on this week's Space hosted by Seedworld. You can listen to that as well here.

Looking Ahead: Phase 2 Migration and Major Launches in Q1 2024

Q1 2024 is shaping up to be a landmark period for Synergy Land, with the full migration of our NFTs from Solana to Polygon and the game’s Mainnet Launch and Land Sale. These steps are crucial in enhancing our gaming ecosystem and offering new opportunities for our community.

Stay updated on these developments by following us on social media and joining our Discord for the latest announcements.

Thanks for being here

These are the recent updates from Synergy Land and the Synergy Games team. See you all next week for more updates.

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