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Update 0.1.16 for Synergy Land Successfully Deployed!

Here are the patch notes:

  • Added a new zone to the island (North).

    • Introduced five new station plots.

    • New resources, stash chest, and teleport.

    • Implemented new roadblocks.

    • Relocated some quest items.

  • Fixed a crash issue at the mine station.

  • Corrected a minor bug with quest compass collision, which previously prevented interaction with close items.

  • Fixed a minor bug where some titles were protruding from their boxes.

  • Adjusted the balancing of crop bundles.

    • Reduced the quantity of items dropped by crop bundles.

    • The experience gained by the herbalist profession from bundles has been reduced by approximately 88%.

  • Added new craftable items:

    • Quality wheelbarrow (Sawmill)

    • Quality pick and shovel (Blacksmith)

    • Enhanced pick and shovel (Blacksmith)

  • Modified some achievement descriptions.

  • Updated the names of some teleport points.

  • Added a missing map icon for the "Merchant & Farm Zone" teleport.

  • Resolved multiple errors where players could receive more items than intended.


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