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Game Updates - Last Updated 09/27/2023

Some of the new features being added to this Early Access build are:

  • Added Mine expedition station

  • Added mine expedition recipes

  • Added Roadblocks

  • Added Teleports

  • Added Windmill

  • Added miller goblin (character and animations)

  • Added Windmill recipes

  • Added progression stages to repair destroyed building

  • Added collectable resources across the island

  • Added new type quests ( Find and collect )

  • Added Blockchain layer (testnet)

  • Added ability to link and unlink wallet

  • Added Island tiers (Settler, Rancher, Landlord)

  • Added benefits from island tiers in several systems

  • Added new recipes for all crafting stations

  • Added World map

  • Quest tracker can be collapsed now for more visibility

  • Added Player energy

  • Added character/Island creation screen

  • Added ability to own multiple islands

  • Added new items

  • Added new pets

  • Added and updated several icons

  • Added new soundtracks

  • Added several new sounds for island environment

  • Added new player animations

  • Added Queue list for stations

  • Added new item bundle system

  • Added Quick menu to HUD

  • Added Artefact Collection window

  • Added Alure Forge environment to island

  • Added mailbox

  • Added daily reward

  • Added public farm

  • Added new props

Updates since the previous version:

  • Updated well to new progression stages system

  • Updated southeast environment of island

  • Updated house plot of island

  • Reworked water

  • Reworked ether crystals

  • Reworked lights

  • Reworked quests

  • Optimized animation system of characters

  • Improved materials

  • Updated tooltip info for items

  • Balanced growing times of crops and livestock

  • Balanced prices of items

  • Balanced parameters of recipes for all crafting stations

  • Balanced pet breeding system items and parameters

  • Recipes can now be cancelled

  • Visual Updated user interface (still in progress)

  • Updated the crafting stations queue

Currently under active development:

  • Dungeon System: The team is currently in the process of implementing the initial version of the dungeon system, where players will be able to experience the new and improved combat.

  • Pet Expeditions: Players will have the opportunity to choose one of their pets and send it on expeditions to complete quests and challenges for rewards and experience.

  • Trade Pack Station: The team is working on a trade pack station that will allow players to send bundles of resources to different regions of the world for profit.

  • Alure Forge: In the Alure Forge, once used by the Alure gods, players can craft the Artifacts, the game's NFTs.

  • Training area, more stations, more expeditions, a fishing system, a housing system, a breeding station, a life skill leveling system, and a player progression system

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