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One of the most pivotal NFTs in Synergy Land, our Islands. These Islands form the backbone of Synergy Land's world, featuring three tiers, each with unique characteristics and rarities. They serve as the foundation for our Play, Rent & Earn model, which incorporates the renting feature. We merged these three elements to grant players access to the in-game economy.

Synergy Land is a fantasy world divided into four ecosystems: earth, water, fire, and ice. The first island NFTs minted belong to the earth biome. Lots more still to come.


Minting Station

This station facilitates the minting of NFTs acquired during in-game activities within the gameplay loop. Freelanders can opt to rent this station, granting them the ability to mint NFTs without the necessity of owning the station outright. Notably, the owner of the Minting Station will receive passive income in SNG token for providing the minting service

Minting Process Time

Settler: 24h                    Rancher: 12h                   Landlord: 1h


Breeding Station

The Breeding Station is where players can engage in breeding activities for their pets. Freelanders have the option to rent this station from landowners, allowing them to participate in pet breeding without owning the station. The owner of the station can charge a fee in SNG tokens for the breeding services.

Pet Rarity Booster

Settler: +10%                    Rancher: +35%                   Landlord: +60%


Housing Station

The House Plot is where users can build their houses. Every player can own a house and upgrade it. Landowners can charge fees in SNG tokens for issuing certificates to enhance the plot.

Plot Enhance Certificates

Settler: 12x12                    Rancher: 14x14                   Landlord: 16x16


Boss Management Station

This station is designed for managing NFT In-game bosses. Freelanders can rent this station, gaining access to tools and features related to the management of bosses within the game. The owner of the station has the capacity to charge a fee in SNG tokens for providing boss management services.

Rarities Allowed To Be Managed

Settler: Up to Epic          Rancher: Up to Legendary          Landlord: Up to Unique


Guild Station

The Guild Station serves as the central nerve center for all guild-related activities in Synergy Land. This unique station empowers users to not only join but also create their own guilds, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie within the game. It's a privilege reserved exclusively for those who own this station, adding a layer of prestige and leadership to the Synergy Land experience.




Exclusive PVP Arena

The PVP Arena in Synergy Land empowers users to host exclusive player-vs-player tournaments. Arena owners can organize thrilling competitions with prizes in SNG tokens and NFTs. Alternatively, they can rent out the arena to fellow users for their own epic showdowns!



Rentable Stations

When a station is rented out to other users, they inherit the attributes and boosters linked to the rarity of your island. This introduces an additional layer of strategic advantage and value to the rental dynamics within Synergy Land.

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