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Mint Details

Land Sale Supply

  • 2,500 Furya Lands

    • 1,500​ Settler Islands

    •   875 Rancher Islands

    •    125 Landlord Islands


Minting Limit Per Round

  • Rounds

    1. 2 Lands per Wallet

    2. 1 Land per Whitelist Type

      • Round 2 is limited to one land per supported whitelist type​, not per wallet.

    3. No limit

Supported Currencies

Rarity Reveal Event

  • Once round 2 concludes, a rarity reveal event for the 3 NFTs—the Island, Galebeak Pet, and Farmer's Outfit—will take place.

  • ​It is scheduled to start at 6 PM UTC on the 22nd of February.

  • Rounds

    1. SNG - USDT - MATIC - WETH

    2. USDT - MATIC - WETH

    3. USDT - MATIC - WETH​

Mint Rounds

Synergian Badges - Mint Pass Level 3+
Synergian Badges - Mint Pass Level 1+
Starter Pack Holders
Discord Medal Roles
Public Round

More Details

  • Synergian Badges and Starter Packs must be on the Polygon network to be eligible for the mint.

  • The mint process is random.

  • The First Round is guaranteed for holders of Mint Pass Level 3+ Synergian Badges (Clan, Legion, and Empire).

  • The Second Round is FCFS (First Come, First Serve) for all badges, Starter Packs, and Community Whitelists.

    • Each supported whitelist type, Badges, Starter Pack, or community whitelist counts as one whitelist entry. For example, in the 2nd round, you can mint once with a Badge and again with a Starter Pack, if both are in the same wallet. The same applies to someone who also has a community WL. With these 3 methods, you can mint 3 islands in the second round.

  • If you successfully minted in the first round using one of your Clan, Legion, or Empire Badges, you can mint again in the second round.

  • By minting your land, both the Galebeak Pet NFT and Farmer's Outfit NFT will be minted simultaneously. The rarity of the gifted Galebeak Pet and Farmer's Outfit will match the rarity of the island you mint.

If you’d like more information about land features

NFTs Gifts By Minting


This rare creature descends from the ancient guardians of Furya and has a unique ability that you won't find in any other pet. Having one of these pets is a privilege reserved for a few.


Farmer's Outfit

An outfit thats fits perfectly with the role of a farmer and will help you with various chores on the island, making your time on it a more productive and streamlined experience.

  • Will I need MATIC to cover gas fees during the land sale?
    Yes, you will need at least 1 MATIC to cover the minting gas fees during the land sale.
  • Who is elegible to mint?
    Eligibility for minting depends on the specific round and the type of whitelist one holds. Round 1: Minting is guaranteed for holders of Mint Pass Level 3+ Synergian Badges (Clan, Legion, and Empire) Round 2: Minting is available to holders of any Synerian Badge, Starter Packs, and community whitelists. Round 3: Public Round, everyone is elegible. ❗️Ensure your Synergian Badges are migrated to the Polygon network
  • When will the rarity of the NFT gifts be revealed?
    The rarity of the NFTs will be revealed after the conclusion of round 2
  • What are the utilities of Islands?
    Islands serve as the foundation of Synergy Land's world, providing players with various utilities such as: Minting stations for creating NFTs Breeding stations for pet breeding Housing stations for constructing and upgrading houses Boss management stations for managing in-game bosses Guild stations for guild-related activities PVP arenas for hosting player-vs-player tournaments. Islands play a crucial role in the Play & Earn model, which is based on renting stations and earning rewards in SNG tokens.
  • What tokens will be accepted for payment?
    Tokens accepted for payment include: SNG (Round 1) USDT MATIC WETH (Wrapped Ethereum)
  • What happens if I successfully minted in the first round using one of my Badges?
    If you successfully minted in the first round using one of your Clan, Legion, or Empire Badges, you can mint again in the second round.
  • Will I receive any free NFT gifts with my island purchase?
    Yes, all island purchasers will receive an Exclusive Galebeak Pet and an Exclusive Farmer's Outfit. These exclusive NFTs will be of the same rarity as the minted island.
  • Will minting be done in phases? How does the minting mechanism work?
    Yes, minting will be done in phases. Round 1: allows up to 2 mints per wallet. Round 2: Is limited to 1 mint per supported whitelist type, not per wallet. Synergian Badges: 1 mint Starter Packs: 1 mint Community Whitelist: 1 mint Round 3: No limit
  • When is the mint date, and what is the collection size and mint price?
    The mint date is set for February 22nd, 2024 AT: UTC: 1PM CET: 2PM EST: 8AM PST: 5AM JST: 10PM CST: 8PM PHT: 9PM The collection size is 2,500 islands. Settler: 1,500 NFTs Rancher: 875 NFTs Landlord: 125 NFTs The mint price varies depending on the round: Round 1: $255 for the first round (15% off already applied) Round 2: $270 for the second round (10% off already applied) Round 3: $300 for the public round.
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